Dialogue and Research Monitor

This multi-volume publication monitored policy-relevant dialogue and research throughout East Asia for more than a decade with the goal of understanding the ongoing efforts by policy research institutions, policy thinkers, and public intellectuals to strengthen the emerging regional community.

US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange | 1999 US Congressional Delegation to Japan

The 1999 US-Japan Parliamentary Exchange Program brought the 24th delegation of US Congressional members to Japan, where they met and engaged in discussion with the Prime Minister, Diet members, and leaders of Japan’s major political parties.

JCIE Publications | Road to ASEAN-10: Japanese Perspectives on Economic Integration

These essays, written by seven Japanese economists and political scientists, analyze the long-term prospects of the ASEAN-10 economies and their relations with major trading partners.

JCIE Publications | Engaging Russia in Asia Pacific

This study suggest how Asian countries could exhibit their commitment to engaging Russia in Asia Pacific, as Russia undergoes a transformation in the post-cold war world.

US-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange | 1999 US Delegation to Japan

The 1999 delegation of young American political leaders visited Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto to meet with policy experts and policymakers, local government officials, and others.

Australia-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange | Fall 1999 Australian Delegation to Japan

Nine of Australia’s political leaders, including young legislators, party officials, and parliamentary staff, traveled to Japan for a ten-day study tour of Tokyo, Gifu, and Kyoto under the Australia-Japan Young Political Leaders Exchange.

JCIE Publications | Sustainable Development and Human Security

This report provides a detailed synopsis of the presentations, discussion, and principal points from a two-day conference of leading intellectuals considering the underlying human security requirements for generating sustainable development in Asia Pacific.

JCIE Publications | Changing Values in Asia: Their Impact on Governance and Development

This volume highlights regional variances in Asian values and beliefs; it examines how socioeconomic change affects basic values and styles of domestic governance, what values are being contested within societies in the region, and how these contestations affect foreign relations.

China-Japan-US Research and Dialogue Project | Kisarazu Conference

A fourth workshop of the China-Japan-US Research and Dialogue Project was held in Kisarazu, Japan on October 16–17, 1999. The discussions focused on such issues as the domestic situations within China, Japan, and the United States and their implications for trilateral relations; the impact of international events on the trilateral relationship; and the future of trilateral cooperation.

JCIE Publications | New Dimensions of China-Japan-US Relations

These nine essays analyze the new dimensions of the China-Japan-US relationship and evaluate the status of traditional factors such as the Korean peninsula, Taiwan, and the US-Japan security alliance.