9th Korea-Japan Forum

August 31–September 2, 2001
Gangwon, Korea

The ninth meeting of the Forum was held on August 31–September 2, 2001, in Gangwon Province, Korea with approximately 50 leaders from the political, business, academic, media, and the nonprofit sectors. Discussions focused on domestic sociopolitical and economic developments in Japan and Korea, the state of bilateral relations and the reconciliation of historical grievances, security in Northeast Asia, enhancing economic cooperation, and ideas for the future.

Chairman: Kwang-soo Choi, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Byung-joon Ahn, Professor, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan; Director of Korean Steering Committee, Korea-Japan Forum S.R. Cho, Chairman, Hyosung Group Woong-kyu Cho, Member, National Assembly (The Grand National Party) Chung-ho Choe, Chaired Professor, University of Ulsan Hyung-min Chung, Professor of Art History, Seoul National University Jae-jeong Chung, Professor of Dept. of Korean History, University of Seoul Ku-chong Chung, President, donga.com Ro-myung Gong, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Woo-suk Han, Vice Chairman, Korea Organizaing Committee for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan Nam-chu Kang, President, Pukyung National University Jong-sup Kil, Anchor, Korea Broadcasting System (KBS) Sang-ha Kim, President, Samyang Corporation Young-moo Kim, Attorney at Law, Kim & Chang In-ho Lee, President, The Korea Foundation Jin-soon Lee, Professor of Economics, Soongsil University Kyung-sook Lee, President, Sookmyung Women’s University Nak-yon Lee, Member, National Assembly (Millennium Democratic Party) Yang-hee Lee, Member of the National Assembly (The United Liberal Democrats) Sang-cheon Park, Member, National Assembly (Millennium Democratic Party) Seong-yong Park, Honorary Chairman, Kumho Group Won-hong Park, Member of the National Assembly (The Grand National Party) Byong-wook Seong, Special Advisor, The JoongAng Ilbo Heung-soo Yoo, Member of the National Assembly (The Grand National Party) Jay-kun Yoo, Member, National Assembly (Millennium Democratic Party) Kun-il Yoo, Chief Editorial Writer, The Chosun Ilbo

Hisashi Owada, President, The Japan Institute of International Affairs Tamotsu Asami, Deputy Director, Editorial Bureau, Chuokoron-Shinsha Masaya Fujimura, Executive Advisor, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation; President, Japan-Korea Economic Association Katsuhiro Fujiwara, Managing Director, Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations) Yukiko Fukagawa, Associate Professor, Economics Department, Aoyama Gakuin University Tetsuro Fukuyama, Member, House of Councillors, Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) Yoshimasa Hayashi, Member, House of Councillors (LDP) Kimitoshio Igarashi, Chief Commentator, NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Makoto Iokibe, Professor, Kobe University Ken Jimbo, Research Fellow, The Japan Institute of International Affairs Makoto Kito, Research Fellow, Yomiuri Research Institute Yukiharu Kodama, President, Japan Information Processing Development Corporation Jun’etsu Komatsu, Managing Director, The Japan Foundation Asia Center Ruriko Kubota, Senior Writer, International News, Sankei Shimbun Masao Okonogi, Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University Ginko Sato, President, Japan Association for the Advancement of Working Women Masaharu Shimokawa, Senior Staff Writer, Mainichi Newspaper Takabumi Suzuoki, Columnist, Hong Kong Bureau, Nihon Keizai Shimbun (NIKKEI) Keizo Takemi, Member, House of Councillors (Liberal Democratic Party) Takuya Tasso, Member, House of Representatives (Liberal Party) Katsuyuki Yakushiji, Editorial Writer, Asahi Shimbun Tadashi Yamamoto, President, Japan Center for International Exchange; Director of Japanese Steering Committee, Korea-Japan Forum

August 31

Opening Ceremony

September 1

Session I: Political and Economic Conditions in Korea

Session II: Japan-Korea Relations: Toward a More Forward-Looking Relationship
The history textbook issue
Working toward overcoming the past and promoting future cooperation
Other issues

September 2

Session III: Security in Northeast Asia
Developments in the situation on the Korean Peninsula
The Bush administration’s Asia policy: The roles of Japan, China, and Russia

Session IV: Strengthening Economic Cooperation
Promoting Japan-Korea economic cooperation
Japan-Korea cooperation in a regional context that includes ASEAN+3 and free trade agreements (FTAs)

Session V: Concluding Session
Working together toward the 2002 World Cup
Looking toward the future