Building Climate-Resilient & Sustainable Health Systems through US-Japan Leadership

JCIE/USA is organizing a panel discussion at the US-Japan Council’s 2023 Annual Conference to explore how the US and Japan are addressing the relationship between climate change and human health.

ROUNDTABLE | Discussion with Governor Kuroiwa on Kanagawa’s Aging and Healthcare Policy

As part of our new US-Japan Program on Healthy and Resilient Aging, JCIE hosted a discussion between Kanagawa Governor Yuji Kuroiwa and a group of experts in the fields of global health, aging, and sustainable development.

ROUNDTABLE | Discussion with US Congressional Staff on Priorities of the 118th Congress

JCIE/USA hosted a luncheon discussion with alumni of our US-Japan Congressional Staff Exchange Program, to share their thoughts on what to expect from the 118th Congress following the 2022 midterm elections. The session was joined by Japanese business representatives, academics, and those from DC-based think-tanks.

Roundtable Discussion with Hiroshima G7 Global Health Taskforce Director in Washington DC

In 2023, Japan will host the G7 Summit in Hiroshima. JCIE has established a Hiroshima G7 Global Health Task Force to make recommendations to the Japanese government on the G7 agenda for global health. This roundtable was an opportunity for leading US policymakers and experts to hear from and offer feedback to the director of the Task Force, Dr. Hideaki Shiroyama.

EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE | Japan’s Economic Security Legislation and Implications for Japan and US-Japan Relations

JCIE/USA hosted an online discussion to examine US and Japanese approaches to ensuring economic security as part of its Executive Roundtable series. The hour-long discussion took place in the context of Japan’s new legislation to bolster its economic security and amidst heightened tension over the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which was causing tremendous global insecurity.

EXECUTIVE ROUNDTABLE | Japan’s General Election Results

On November 3, the inaugural session of JCIE/USA’s Executive Roundtable series was held online. The session featured two experts who dicussed the implications of Japan’s recent election, including the outlook for Japan’s political leadership and foreign affairs under newly elected Prime Minister Kishida

Democracy for the Future | Diet Roundtable with NED Vice President Brian Joseph

National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Vice President Brian Joseph spoke about the role of nongovernmental organizations such as the NED in supporting democracies to a group of 15 Diet members as well as six staff from Diet offices. The group discussed a wide range of topics in relation to democracy support and the state of democracy in Asia, including challenges with Myanmar’s democratization process, challenges surrounding the situation in Hong Kong, and Japan’s role as the region faces setbacks to democracy.

JCIE/USA Executive Seminar | The Congressional Agenda

On December 6, two alumni of JCIE’s Congressional Staff Exchange program participated in JCIE/USA Roundtables in New York. The two senior Congressional staff—one Republican and one Democrat—spoke about a range of trade issues before the US Congress, what further legislation we are likely to see in the coming year, and what this means for US-Japan relations.

JCIE/USA Executive Seminar | Post–Midterm Outlook for US Political & Economic Relations

Two top experts on US-Japan relations— Columbia University Professor Gerald Curtis and the Wall Street Journal’s Jacob Schlesinger—assessed the Democratic victory in the midterm elections and the prospects for the next two years of the Trump administration’s Asia policy.

JCIE/USA Executive Seminar | Congressional Agenda & US-Japan Relations in the 116th Congress

Two Congressional staffers, alumni of a JCIE/USA delegation to Japan, spoke to a gathering of business leaders and other experts in New York at a JCIE/USA executive seminar.