JCIE/USA Executive Seminar | The Congressional Agenda

On December 6, two alumni of JCIE’s Congressional Staff Exchange program participated in JCIE/USA Roundtables in New York. The two senior Congressional staff—one Republican and one Democrat—spoke about a range of trade issues before the US Congress, what further legislation we are likely to see in the coming year, and what this means for US-Japan relations.

JCIE/USA Executive Seminar | Post–Midterm Outlook for US Political & Economic Relations

Two top experts on US-Japan relations— Columbia University Professor Gerald Curtis and the Wall Street Journal’s Jacob Schlesinger—assessed the Democratic victory in the midterm elections and the prospects for the next two years of the Trump administration’s Asia policy.

JCIE/USA Executive Seminar | Congressional Agenda & US-Japan Relations in the 116th Congress

Two Congressional staffers, alumni of a JCIE/USA delegation to Japan, spoke to a gathering of business leaders and other experts in New York at a JCIE/USA executive seminar.