Handbook on Japanese Foreign Policy and Security

Compiled by Masashi Nishihara; introduction by Tadashi Yamamoto

To support informed discussions of Japan’s national defense policy, non-nuclear stance, role in Asian security, and aspirations to a UN Security Council permanent seat, the Japan Center for International Exchange compiled these English-language versions of treaties, joint declarations and communiqués, policy statements, and other seminal foreign policy and security documents. These documents delineate the postwar legal boundaries within which Japan has dealt with other nations.
A “Comment” begins each chapter and sets the historical context, consequences, and unresolved disputes surrounding the documents that follow. The concluding section of statistics, mainly as of 1977, cover Japan’s defense expenditures, military strength, the facilities of both the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) and US forces in Japan, foreign military activities around Japan, and pubic opinion surveys about the SDF.


  1. Basic Legal Documents Related to Japanese Foreign Policy and Security
  2. Selected Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy
  3. Selected Documents on Japanese Security
  4. Figures and Statistics on Japanese Security
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70 pages; paper