The Pacific Community Concept: A Select Annotated Bibliography

Japan Center for International Exchange

Dynamic growth in the Pacific region in recent years has brought greater interdependence, together with a host of complex new public policy issues and an increasing need for mechanisms to promote cooperation and manage disputes.
As this annotated bibliography shows, the concept of a Pacific community is not new. The bibliography includes roughly one hundred journal articles, conference papers, pamphlets, and newsletters, as well as a few books. The items were published between 1967 and 1981, when the debate about a Pacific community began being voiced. The items represent a broad cross section of the views expressed on major issues. The geographical scope of the bibliography, which includes items from Japan, the United States, and Australia, as well as South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, attests to the broad interest in the subject.
The items are arranged alphabetically by author. An index listing authors by country and a subject index are also provided.


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