Civil Society Monitor | Issue 13

• G8 Mobilization Reflects Progress of Japan’s NGOs
• Key Civil Society Initiatives Targeting the 2008 G8 Summit
• A New Era in Corporate Philanthropy
• Recent Developments in Japanese Civil Society
• Inaugural Tiffany Foundation Award Honors Enterprising Nonprofits

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 12

• Breaking New Ground for NGO Advocacy in Japan
• Slump in Corporate Giving Continues
• A New Era in Corporate Philanthropy
• Japan’s Nonprofits Prepare for a New Legal System

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 11

• Japanese International Development NGOs Reach Critical Stage
• Weak Giving Hampers Work of Japan’s AIDS Groups
• Prime Minister Pledges Dramatic Hike in International AIDS Funding
• Nonprofit Sector Reform Update: Commission Proposes Broad Tax Deductability

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 10

• Tsunami Response Showcases NGO Progress and Challenges
• Japanese International Development NGOs Reach Critical Stage
• American Investment Firm Launches Innovative Funding Scheme
• New Organization Fights AIDS and Other Communicable Diseases
• Reconcilliation and Civil Society: Lessons from History
• Nonprofit Sector Reform—A Step Forward?

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 9

• New Fundraising Initiatives Seek to Bolster Growth of Nonprofit Sector
• Weak Funding Environment Sparks Local-Level Efforts to Support NPOs
• Initial Report on Public Interest Corporation Reforms Stirs Further Debate

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 8

• New Legal Reform Efforts Receive Mixed Welcome
• Amendments to the NPO Law and Tax Bill Bring Increased Flexibility to Nonprofits
• Proposed Reforms Affecting Public Interest Corporations Spark Heated Debate

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 7

• Local Initiatives Support Nonprofit Organizations and Activities in Japan
• Japan Association of Charitable Organizations Launches New Project

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 5

• NPO Law and Civil Society’s New Phase of Development
• Corporate-NGO Partnership in Asia Pacific: JCIE Publishes Results of Case Study Project

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 4

• New NPO Law Fosters Enabling Environment
• Selected Annotated Bibliography of Literature on the Nonprofit Sector in Japan

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 2

• Debate over New NPO Law Intensifies
• Japan NPO Center Launched
• GAP to Host International Conference to Promote Cooperation among Asian Foundations and Organizations

Civil Society Monitor | Issue 1

• The Recent Debate on the Role of NPOs in Japan and Private-Sector Responses
• Keidanren Mission to Explore Corporate Support for NPOs
Emerging Civil Society Awarded Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Award