The Time Has Come for a COVID-19 Marshall Plan

James Gannon
May 25, 2021
The Hill

“In his announcement of COVID-19 vaccine donations, President Biden evoked World War II by vowing that the U.S. will be the world’s “arsenal of vaccines.” It is time to instead harken back to the immediate postwar period, specifically to the Marshall Plan.”

In this opinion piece published in The Hill James Gannon, Senior Fellow at JCIE/USA, calls for the Biden administration to launch a “21st Century Marshall Plan to defeat COVID-19.” He outlines four elements in creating a bold more systematic plan: (1) a high profile public announcement showing the US commitment to defeating the pandemic around the world, (2) encouraging other rich countries to  increase funding for global health organization, (3) underscoring that a vaccine-only approach is not enough and there are funding gaps for PPE, testing and medical oxygen, and (4) setting the tone for systematic bilateral and regional efforts to fill in the gaps in the global response.

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This opinion piece was written by James Gannon, Senior Fellow, JCIE/USA and was published in The Hill on May 25, 2021