Japan’s Historic Immigration Reform: A Work in Progress

Toshihiro Menju
Feb 6, 2019

“Japan will embark on a new era in immigration on April 1, 2019, when it officially opens its doors to lower-skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers. Under the amended Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, passed on December 8 last year, foreigners who qualify for the new Specified Skills visa status will be able to enter Japan for the express purpose of working in designated sectors (including agriculture, nursing care, construction, specific manufacturing industries, and food and hospitality services) for a maximum period of five years.”

Read Toshihiro Menju’s full analysis of the recent, controversial new reforms and their implications for Japanese immigration policy at nippon.com.

Toshihiro Menju is a Managing Director and Chief Program Officer at JCIE/Japan, where he leads the Population Decline & Immigration in Japan Program.