Learning from Japan’s Tsunami: Six Steps to Improve International Disaster Philanthropy

James Gannon
August 29, 2016
Center for Disaster Philanthropy Blog

“When news began trickling out about the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11, 2011, it was immediately clear we were dealing with a disaster of historic proportions. What was less clear was how the rest of the world should respond, especially since the disaster hit a rich country rather than an impoverished one.

Ultimately, the US philanthropic response turned out to be far more generous than anybody anticipated. Americans donated roughly $750 million, the fifth highest total for any disaster in history and the greatest outpouring of US generosity for a disaster in another developed country. This made an enormous difference on the ground. However, a new report from the Japan Center for International Exchange finds that US donors and their Japanese partners faced many challenges, ones that are likely to become more commonplace in international disaster responses.”

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James Gannon is the Executive Director of JCIE/USA.