China-Japan-US Research and Dialogue Project | Beijing Conference

December 4–5, 1996
Beijing, China

The initial workshop of the China-Japan-US Research and Dialogue Project was held in Beijing in December 1996. The workshop sought to identify the critical issues in the trilateral relationship and to discuss the overall framework of this ambitious project, as well as the underlying domestic constraints. Topics of discussion included the impact of the trilateral relationship on the Asia Pacific regional order, the role of intellectual dialogue and research in the trilateral relationship, and the future agenda of trilateral dialogue.



Fan Gang

Director, China Reform Foundation, National Economic Research Institute of China, Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Lin Di

Secretary-General, China International Culture Exchange Center

Lu Zhongwei

Vice President, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations

Wang Jisi

Director, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Yuan Ming

Director, Institute of International Relations, Peking University


Yoichi Funabashi

Washington Bureau Chief, Asahi Shimbun

Ryosei Kokubun

Professor of Political Science, Keio University

Tadashi Yamamoto

President, Japan Center for International Exchange


Morton Abramowitz

President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Peter Geithner

Senior Consultant, Asia Center, Harvard University

Nicholas Lardy

Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Studies, The Brookings Institution

Richard Solomon

President, United States Institute of Peace