The Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium (APPC) was formally launched in 1994 as an informal network of like-minded institutions that support the growth and development of Asian grantmaking philanthropies. APPC was led by an 18-person governing council consisting of members from Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States. JCIE serves as the focal point within Japan for coordinating APPC activities in Japan.

The consortium sought to promote the role of philanthropy in addressing critical issues in the Asia Pacific region; to increase the flow and effectiveness of philanthropic giving within and to the region; to respond to the institution-building needs of existing and emerging Asia Pacific philanthropies through networking, human resource development, and research; and to facilitate efforts by philanthropic organizations in the region to identify and collaborate in addressing issues of mutual concern.

To accomplish these objectives, the consortium carried out initiatives in four areas: improving the legal, regulatory, and fiscal framework for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector; increasing public awareness of and support for philanthropy and the nonprofit sector; facilitating resource mobilization in and to Asia; and contributing to the development of organizational and human resources for philanthropy. In 2011, APPC was acquired by Give2Asia.