FGFJ | Global Fund General Manager Gabriel Jaramillo Visits Japan

June 13–15, 2012

The Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) / Friends of the Global Fund, Japan (FGFJ) organized a series of meetings in Tokyo for Mr. Gabriel Jaramillo, general manager of the Global Fund, and Dr. Christoph Benn, director of resource mobilization and donor relations at the Global Fund. During their visit, they met with members of the FGFJ Diet Task Force, led by Co-chair Ichiro Aisawa and including members of the ruling and major opposition parties. Jaramillo and Benn also met with the FGFJ’s multi-sectoral board, represented by leaders from Japan’s corporate and civil society sectors, as well as officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

In addition to these two core meetings, Jaramillo and Benn met individually with former Prime Minister Naoto Kan, other senior Diet members, several senior government officials, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). In all of these meetings, Jaramillo thanked Japan for its financial contributions to the Global Fund and for the important role that Japan plays in the fund’s governance. He also touched on the reform process currently underway to improve the Global Fund’s governance and grant management practices, discussing the need to respond to changing contexts in the fight against communicable diseases entering into the Global Fund’s second decade. The visit proved to be a good opportunity for the FGFJ and its partners to maintain their relationship with the Global Fund during this time of transition and to share ideas on the future of the fund.

For more information on this event, please visit the FGFJ Website.