14th Korea-Japan Forum

August 29–31, 2006
Awajishima, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
On August 29–31, 2006, the 14th Korea-Japan Forum took place. Approximately 40 leaders from the political, nonprofit, academic, media, and corporate sectors gathered to discuss a variety of topics, including socio-political developments in both countries, the changing economic environment in Northeast Asia and the future of Korea-Japan economic cooperation, and regional security issues.

August 29

Opening Remarks

Yuzaburo Mogi, Japanese Chairman
Ro-myung Gong, Korean Chairman

Session I: The Political, Economic, and Social Developments in Korea and Japan

JapanKeiko Chino, Chief Editorial Writer, The Sankei Shimbun
Korea: Young-bin Kwon, President, JoongAng Ilbo
In-joon Bae, Chief Editorial Writer, Donga Ilbo

August 30

Session II: Security Issues in East Asia and Korea-Japan Cooperation

Korean and Japanese Perspectives on the Role of the United States
Korean and Japanese Response to the Growing Chinese Presence

Prospects of Security Challenges in the Korean Peninsula and Korea-Japan Cooperation

Seiji Maehara, Member, House of Representatives (DPJ)
In-taek Hyun, Professor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Korea University

Session III: Economic Development in East Asia and Korea-Japan Cooperation

  • Responding to Energy Security Issues in Korea and Japan and the Prospects for Bilateral Cooperation
  • Policy Measures for Dramatic Expansion of Korea-Japan Economic Relations
  • Korea-Japan Cooperation Towards East Asia Community Building

Yasuhisa Shiozaki, Senior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; Member, House of Representatives (LDP)
S.R. Cho, Chairman, Hyosung Group; Chairman, The Korea-Japan Economic Council

Session IV: Open Dialogue: Fundamental Challenges of Korea-Japan Relations and Future Prospects

  • The Respective Domestic Responses in Korea and Japan to Current Issues of Dispute
  • Major Constraints to Constructive Development of Korea-Japan Relations and Effective Means to Remove Them

Masao Okonogi, Dean, Faculty of Law, Keio University
Ryo-myung Gong, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs

August 31

Session V: The Significance and Challenges of the New Cultural Contacts Between Korea and Japan

  • The New Popular Trends of “Hanryu” (Korean Pop-culture Boom in Japan) and “Ken-Hanryu” (anti-Hanryu) and their Impact on Bilateral Relations
  • Prospects for Regional Level Exchange and Development of Tourism
  • Assessing the Impact of Emerging New Dimensions of Korea-Japan Exchange with the Development of New Communication Tools

Kazuo Ogoura, President, Japan Foundation
Chi-won Lee, Assistant Professor, Department of Japanese Studies, Hallym University

Korean Participants

Chairman: Ro-myung GongFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs
Byung-joon AhnVisiting Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
In-joon BaeChief Editorial Writer, The Donga Ilbo
Je-kuk ChangExecutive Director, Japan Center, Dongseo University
Kun-ho ChoVice-Chairman and CEO, Federation of Korean Industries (FKI)
S.R. ChoChairman, Hyosung Group; Chairman, Korea-Japan Economic Council
Woo-sock ChoiAdvisor, Samsung Electronics
Yu-ok ChunMember of the National Assembly (Grand National Party)
Ku-chong ChungCEO and President, dongA.com; Director, Korean Steering Committee, Korea-Japan Forum
In-taek HyunProfessor, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Korea University
Boo-kyum KimMember of the National Assembly (Uri Party)
Jae-chul KimCEO and Chairman, Dongwon Group
In-hyuk KwonPresident, Korea Foundation
Young-bin KwonPresident, JoongAng Ilbo
Chi-won LeeAssistant Professor, Department of Japanese Studies, Hallym University
Nak-yon LeeMember of the National Assembly (Democratic Party)
Sook-Jong LeeProfessor, Department of Public Administration, Graduate School of Governance, Sungkyunkwan University
Chung-in MoonProfessor, Department of Political Science and International Studies, Yonsei University
Yeon-ho OhCEO, OhmyNews
Cheol-hee ParkProfessor, Graduate School of International Studies, Seoul National University
Jong-yil RaAmbassador of the Republic of Korea to Japan
Sang-jeong SimMember of the National Assembly (Democratic Labor Party)
Sung SuhProfessor, College of Law, Ritsumeikan University; Director, Ritsumeikan Center for Korean Studies
Soo-gil YoungPresident, National Strategy Institute; Former Korean Ambassador to the OECD
Duk-min YunProfessor, Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security

Japanese Participants

Chairman: Yuzaburo MogiChairman and CEO, Kikkoman Corporation
Kazuyoshi AkabaSenior Vice-Minister for Finance; Member, House of Representatives (New Komeito)
Toshihiro AndoDeputy Chief Editorial Writer, Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Keiko ChinoChief Editorial Writer, Sankei Shimbun
Yukiko FukagawaProfessor, School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
Tetsuro FukuyamaMember, House of Councillors (DPJ)
Yoshimasa HayashiMember, House of Councillors (LDP)
Kimitoshi IgarashiExecutive Commentator, NHK
Makoto IokibePresident, National Defense Academy
Susumu KohariAssociate Professor, Faculty of International Relations, University of Shizuoka
Seiji MaeharaMember, House of Representatives (DPJ)
Takeaki MatsumotoMember, House of Representatives (DPJ)
Megumi NishikawaSenior Editorial Writer, Mainichi Newspapers
Kazuo OgouraPresident, Japan Foundation
Kizo OguraAssociate Professor, Kyoto University
Katsuya OkadaMember, House of Representatives (DPJ)
Masao OkonogiDean and Professor, Faculty of Law, Keio University
Yasuhisa ShiozakiSenior Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs; Member, House of Representatives (LDP)
Hitoshi TanakaSenior Fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange; Former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs
Yoshibumi WakamiyaChairman of the Editorial Board, Asahi Shimbun
Tadashi YamamotoPresident, Japan Center for International Exchange; Director, Japanese Steering Committee, Korea-Japan Forum
Kunihiko YamaokaEditorial Writer, Yomiuri Shimbun