28th Korea-Japan Forum

November 13, 2020

The 28th Korea-Japan Forum, which was held via videoconference between two venues in Tokyo and Seoul due to COVID-19 travel concerns, brought together more than 40 participants from both countries, including influential politicians, businesspeople, scholars, journalists, and representatives of private exchange organizations.

This year’s forum came at a time when Japan and South Korea are experiencing domestic political shifts, while also dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping a close eye on the potential impact of the US presidential election. The meeting offered an opportunity to address these new concerns facing both countries, and how they might strengthen bilateral ties and cooperation in the future. 

Sessions focused on the current domestic political and social trends in both countries (including a discussion on the transition from Abe to Suga in Japan, the political issues facing the Moon administration, and the impact of COVID in both countries), the impact of the US presidential election on US-China relations and on East Asia, issues and prospects for Japanese-Korean political and economic ties, and the shifts and possibilities for cooperation between Japan and Korea in the post-COVID world.

The meeting also featured a keynote speech by former Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon, a report on 6th Junior Korea-Japan Forum, and the presentation of the Korea-Japan Forum Award to Motoi Tauchi (Yoon Ki), founder of Kokoro no Kazoku Social Welfare Corp., which provides elder care for Koreans living in Japan.