4th Russia-Japan Policy Dialogue

November 7–9, 2002
Chiba, Japan

The Fourth Russia-Japan Policy Dialogue was held in Chiba, Japan, on November 7–9, 2002, to explore the bilateral relationship in the context of the long-term changes underway in the Asia Pacific region, particularly China’s emergence as a regional power. Participants considered the perspectives of both Russia and Japan on the rapid development of China and its influence on the region, as well as the impact on the Japan-Russia relationship of China’s relationship with each country.

November 7

Session I, Part 1: China’s Rapid Development and its Impact on East Asia—Japanese Perspective

Dinner Discussion: Political and Economic Development and Future Prospects of Japan and Russia

November 8

Session I, Part 2: China’s Rapid Development and its Impact on East Asia—Russian Perspective

Session II: Implication of the Evolution of Relationship between Russia and China, and between Japan and China, on the Japan-Russia Relationship

Session III: Changing International Environment (Impact of 9-11, China’s Growth, and Development In the Korean Peninsula) and New Opportunities for Cooperation between Japan and Russia

Session IV: Future Direction of Japan-Russia Policy Dialogue

Russian Participants

Alexandar DynkinDeputy Director, Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences

Andrei V. FedorovDirector of Political Programs, Council on Foreign and Defense Policy; Director, Political Investigations and Consulting Fund

Konstantin KosachevDeputy Chairman, Committee on Foreign Relations, State Duma

Evgeny KozhokinDirector, Russian Institute for Strategic Studies

Vyacheslav NikonovChairman, Politika (Policy) Foundation

Japanese Participants

Keiichiro AsaoMember of the House of Councillors (Democratic Party of Japan)

Takako HikotaniAssistant Professor, National Defense Academy

Shinichi KitaokaProfessor, University of Tokyo

Ryosei KokubunProfessor, University of Tokyo

Kyoji KomachiExecutive Secretary, International Peace Cooperation Headquarters, Cabinet Office

Takeshi KondoMember of the House of Councillors (Liberal Democratic Party of Japan)

Takeshi OdaEditorial Writer, Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei Newspaper)

Masayuki Tadokoro, Professor, Keio University

Koji WatanabeSenior Fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange; Executive Advisor, Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations); Former Ambassador to Russia

Tadashi YamamotoPresident, Japan Center for International Exchange