Russia-Japan Policy Dialogue | Moscow Seminar

June 30, 1997

The promotion of the Russia-Japan relationship and the expansion of Russia’s role in the Asia Pacific region are viewed to be crucial factors that will contribute to the stabilization and growth of the region. While the Russian and Japanese governments recently have been engaging in increased dialogue, it is clearly important to simultaneously promote exchange and dialogue between the citizens of the two countries in order to strengthen the bilateral relationship. Based on this mindset, JCIE, in cooperation with the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences, held a seminar in Moscow on June 30, 1997, on the theme of “Japan-Russian Relations in Asia Pacific.” The seminar consisted of four sessions focusing on Japan-Russia relations in a regional context, economic issues, security issues, and regional cooperation. The approximately 100 participants included the Japanese delegates of the Japan-Russia/Central Asia Dialogue Mission and Russian opinion leaders from various sectors. The seminar report was published by JCIE in March 1998