Trilateral Commission | 2021 Meetings—Virtual Conversations

December 31, 2021

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the Trilateral Commission has postponed all in-person meetings. 

In order to sustain what has been an ongoing dialogue since 1973, the Commission has been holding a series of Trilateral Commission Virtual Conversations, which are available to the public on YouTube.

JCIE serves as the secretariat for the Asia Pacific Region.

Watch the Conversations

Presidential Transitions and the Biden Administration’s First Days 
January 28, 2021
—Ms. Mona K. Sutphen, Senior Advisor at The Vistria Group and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy
—The Honorable James B. Steinberg, University Professor of Social Science, International Affairs and Law at Syracuse University and former Deputy Secretary of State
—Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky, Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center and former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs


Trilateral Commission Virtual Meeting on “The Perfect Weapon: From Stuxnet to SolarWinds, How Cyber Conflict Emerged as the Primary Way States Undercut Each Other’s Power”
February 10, 2021
–Mr. David E. Sanger, National Security Correspondent for the New York Times and Author and Executive Producer of “The Perfect Weapon”
Jane Harman, President and CEO of the Wilson Center; former Congresswoman 


A Conversation with Atul Gawande and Heather Munroe-Blum on the Future of the Pandemic
February 19, 2021
—Dr. Atul Gawande, Surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
—Heather Munroe-Blum, PhD (epidemiology), Chairperson of Canada Pension Plan Investments (CPPIB) and President Emerita of McGill University


A Conversation on Climate and Energy
July 27, 2021
—Jason Bordoff, Co-Founding Dean of the Climate School and founding Director of the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University
—Monica Gattinger, Director of the Institute for Science, Society and Policy, and Founder/Chair of Positive Energy at the University of Ottawa
—Lourdes Melgar, Research Affiliate at MIT’s Center for Collective Intelligence and non-resident Fellow at the Center of Energy Studies at the Baker Institute
—Meghan O’Sullivan, North American Chair of the Trilateral Commission and Director of the Geopolitics of Energy Project at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government


A Conversation on Myanmar with Derek Mitchell, Bilahari Kausikan, Kelley Currie and Richard Fontaine 
May 11, 2021
—Derek Mitchell, former U.S. Ambassador to Myanmar and President, National Democratic Institute
—Bilahari Kausikan, former Permanent Secretary of Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
—Kelley Currie, former U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues and former U.S. Representative at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women
—Richard Fontaine, Executive Director, Trilateral Commission North America and Chief Executive Officer, Center for a New American Security (CNAS)


Trilateral Commission Virtual Meeting on the Republican Party of Today and Tomorrow
November 8, 2021
—William Kristol, Founding Director, Defending Democracy Together
—Will Hurd, former Congressman; and Susan B. Glasser, Staff Writer, The New Yorker


Trilateral Commission Virtual Meeting on Allies, Middle Powers and China
November 22, 2021
—The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien, Former Prime Minister of Canada
—Richard Fadden, Senior Fellow at the University of Ottawa’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs and former National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister
—Josephine Linden, CEO & Founder of Linden Global Strategies LLC
—Jeffrey Simpson, Chair of the Canadian group of the Trilateral Commission and award-winning columnist and author