Seminar: NGOs as Strategic Partners in Development and Humanitarian Assistance

This seminar was part of a JCIE project on NGOs as Strategic Partners, conducted from 2015 to 2018. Participants examined what Japanese NGOs and government agencies can do to work together on ODA, drawing on the US experience of fostering strategic partnerships on development and humanitarian assistance to consider steps that can help government agencies and NGOs become true strategic partners.

JCIE Publications | Becoming Strategic Partners: Lessons for NGOs and Government Agencies from the American Experience

This report examines how strategic partnerships between NGOs and the US Government operate and why they emerged, drawing lessons on how Japanese NGOs might develop similar partnerships and build the foundations for deeper US-Japan cooperation on development.

NGOs as Strategic Partners | Follow-Up Diet-NGO Roundtable

Five NGO leaders and three Diet members came together for a roundtable to discuss how to strengthen Japanese NGOs’ institutional capacity to work as strategic partners with the the government on development and humanitarian affairs. They discussed how to advance US-Japan cooperation and make the NGO sector in Japan more effective.

NGOs as Strategic Partners: Japanese NGO Leaders Delegation to Washington DC

JCIE brought a team of executives from leading Japanese NGOs in the field of development and humanitarian assistance to the US to study what is needed to strengthen the institutional capacity of Japan’s NGO sector and advance US-Japan development cooperation.

NGOs as Strategic Partners

JCIE conducted a series of studies and exchanges to examine the lessons that Japanese NGOs can draw from the US experience to expand their capacity and better engage in partnerships. As part of this project, a delegation of Japanese NGO leaders visited Washington DC for meetings with NGO leaders, government officials, and policy experts, and a major conference was held at the National Diet of Japan to discuss ways to strengthen NGO capacity.

Strengthening Nongovernmental Contributions to Regional Security Cooperation | Tokyo Workshop

On January 18–19, 2010, the participants gathered in Tokyo for a workshop to discuss initial findings of a project examining (1) the roles of civil society in enhancing regional security cooperation, (2) common features of the roles of civil society beyond the issue areas, and (3) key factors for successes of civil society activities contributing to regional security cooperation.