Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar | Japan in the World: Sustaining Democracy

This year’s Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar featured experts on democratic governance and human security who discussed Japan’s potential role in supporting democratic transitions in Asia. The second panel featured four Japanese Diet members discussing the state of Japanese politics and how the political situation in Japan might evolve in the coming years.

Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar | Women in Japanese Politics and Society

Hosted by the Council of Foreign Relations, 2017’s Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar featured a panel of four up-and-coming Diet members who discussed the difficulties they face in participating as women in the Japanese political context.

Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar | NGOs at Home and Abroad—US and Japanese Perspectives on Shared Goals

The 3rd annual Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar, co-organized by JCIE and the Council on Foreign Relations, featured four Diet members from the ruling and opposition camps and five leaders from Japanese and US nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that are playing prominent roles in humanitarian responses and international development.

Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar | The United States and Japan in Asia

The 2nd Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar, held in Washington DC by the Council on Foreign Relations and JCIE, brought together nearly 70 foreign policy specialists from the United States, Asia, and Europe to discuss the role of the US-Japan alliance in a changing Asia and the vision that key players hold for the region’s future.

Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar | Japan’s Political Change and the US-Japan Alliance

The inaugural Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar, co-organized by the Council on Foreign Relations and JCIE, convened over 50 Asia experts to discuss the challenges that have kept Japanese politicians from projecting strong political leadership, their impact on foreign affairs, and the prospects for change under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Tadashi Yamamoto Memorial Seminar

Throughout his career, JCIE’s founder Tadashi Yamamoto made a special effort to engage both senior and emerging leaders from politics, government, civil society, and other walks of life in the type of substantive policy dialogue that builds the foundations for greater international cooperation.