The Third Force

Ann M. Florini, ed.
October 2000
From the land mines campaign to the Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization to the World Commission on Dams, transnational networks of civil society groups are raising an ever-greater voice in how governments run countries and how corporations do business. This volume brings together a multinational group of authors to help policymakers, scholars, corporate executives, and activists themselves understand the profound issues raised. How powerful are these networks? Is their current prominence a temporary fluke or a permanent change in the nature of international power? What roles should they play as the world struggles to cope with the new global agenda? The book’s six case studies investigate the role of transnational civil society in the global anticorruption movement, nuclear arms control, dam-building and sustainability, as well as in democracy, anti-land mines, and human rights movements. The conclusion draws out lessons learned and argues for a new understanding of the legitimate role of transnational civil society.
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1. What the World Needs Now?
Ann M. Florini, Senior Associate and Director, Project on Transparency and Transnational Civil Society, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
P. J. Simmons, Director, Managing Global Issues Project, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
2. A Global Network to Curb Corruption: The Experience of Transparency International
Frederik Galtung, Staff Member, Transparency International
3. Advocates and Activists: Conflicting Approaches on Nonproliferation and the Test Ban Treaty
Rebecca Johnson, Director, Acronym Institute
4. Toward Democratic Governance for Sustainable Development: Transnational Civil Society Organizing Around Big Dams
Sanjeev Khagram, Assistant Professor, Kennedy School, Harvard University
5. Transnational Networks and Compaigns for Democracy
Chetan Kumar, Program Officer, Office of the Special Representative, UN Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict
6. Building Partnerships toward a Common Goal: Experiences of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Motoko Mekata, Member, Steering Committee, Japan Campaign to Ban Landmines
7. The Power of Norms versus the Norms of Power: Transnational Civil Society and Human Rights
Thomas Risse, Professor of International Relations, European University Institute
8. Lessons Learned
Ann M. Florini
9. Annotated Bibliography
Yahya A. Dehqanzada, Researcher, RAND Corporation
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