The New Asia-Pacific Order: A Summary Report

The Institute of Southeast Asian Studies; preface by Chan Heng Chee et al.
May 1995

The conference on the new Asia Pacific order, the third in the series, was held in Singapore on May 25–27, 1995, and focused on the emergence of a new economic, political, and security order in the post-cold war Asia Pacific region. The Japan Center for International Exchange cosponsored the conference together with the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, the host, and the American Assembly.
This report of the conference focuses on five key issues: the sustainability of economic dynamism in the Asia Pacific region; the shape of regional groupings in the next decade; the relative shifts in the balance among the major powers; establishing a new security architecture; and globalization, particularism, democratization, and human rights. Other subjects discussed are the future of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the relative decline of the United States as a balancing power in the region in the face of enhanced Chinese and Japanese power, and the need to establish a viable regional security structure to take into account this shifting power balance. North Korea and the territorial disputes in the South China Sea are also key topics of discussion and dispute.


  1. The New Asia-Pacific Order
  2. Asia-Pacific Participants
  3. Japanese Participants
  4. U.S. Participants
  5. Programme
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