Beyond 2015: ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership for Democracy, Peace, and Prosperity in Southeast Asia

Rizal Sukma and Yoshihide Soeya, eds.

The year 2013 marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the informal dialogue relations between ASEAN and Japan. The relationship between the two remains strong, but a number of developments in the region over the past decade have made it necessary to reexamine and redefine the strategic value of ASEAN-Japan cooperation. This report, based on the first year of a study that draws on the combined insights of dozens of the region’s brightest thinkers, offers recommendations for such cooperation with a particular eye toward how it can contribute to further integration among ASEAN countries, particularly in the economic, political and security, and socio-cultural realms.

This book was the result of a project on ASEAN–Japan Strategic Partnership and Regional Community Building.



Summary of Study Group Findings

ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia: Economic Pillar
Siew Yean Tham and Fukunari Kimura

ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia: Political-Security Pillar
Rizal Sukma and Yoshihide Soeya

ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia: Socio-cultural Pillar
Carolina G. Hernandez and Motoko Shuto

Background Papers

Study Group on ASEAN Economic Community

Financial Cooperation in ASEAN
Pratiwi Kartika

Sustainable Development: Food Security and Social Safety Nets in the CLMV Countries
Vo Tri Thanh

Human Resources, Innovation, and Harmonization of Standards
Chayodom Sabhasri

ASEAN-Japan Cooperation on ASEAN’s Development Gap and Connectivity: Working Together with Regional and Subregional Initiatives
Sanchita Basu Das

Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in the ASEAN Economies
Yuri Sato

Study Group on ASEAN Political-Security Community

ASEAN-Japan Cooperation in ASEAN Community Building: The Nontraditional Security Dimension
Herman Joseph S. Kraft

ASEAN-Japan Defense Cooperation: Overcoming History and Charting New Possibilities
Tang Siew Mun

ASEAN-Japan Strategic Partnership in Southeast Asia: Maritime Security and Cooperation
Nguyen Hung Son

Peacekeeping, Peacebuilding, and Preventive Diplomacy
Simon S.C. Tay and Aaron Choo

ASEAN-Japan Cooperation on Democracy and Human Rights Promotion: Challenges and Opportunities
Takeshi Yuzawa

Study Group on ASEAN Socio-cultural Community

Protecting Vulnerable People, Building ASEAN Identity, and Narrowing the Development Gap
Amara Pongsapich

Migrant Workers in a People-Centered ASEAN Community and ASEAN-Japan Cooperation
Vannarith Chheang

Disaster Management and Humanitarian Action in Southeast Asia: Opportunities for an ASEAN-Japan Coordinated Approach
Moe Thuzar

ASEAN-Japan Cooperation for Achieving the Millennium Development Goals: Synergizing Regional Efforts for Human-Centered Development
Risako Ishii

Project Members

Profiles of Co-organizers

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