Asia and Europe: Cooperating for Energy Security

François Godement, Françoise Nicolas, and Taizo Yakushiji, eds.
Because of broad similarities in their economies, energy security—the availability of energy at all times, in various forms, in sufficient quantities, and at affordable prices—is an issue of common concern for Asia and Europe. Any option chosen by one region will necessarily reverberate in the other. In particular, the rise in energy demand in Asia, most of all in China, will have obvious implications for Europe, as well as for the rest of the world. This publication of the Council for Asia-Europe Cooperation (CAEC), for which JCIE serves as the Asian secretariat, examines the strategic implications of the other region’s choices, compares existing and potential schemes for regional cooperation, and defines areas for interregional cooperation. For example, one significant finding of the task force, a group comprised of Asian and European political scientists and economists, was a need for expertise transfer from the more advanced to the less advanced countries in the partnership.


Karl Kaiser and Tadashi Yamamoto

1. An Overview of Options and Challenges
Françoise Nicolas, François Godement, Taizo Yakushiji

2. Energy Security in Europe—Outlook, Challenges and Policies
Jun Arima

3. Energy Outlook and Security Policies in Asia
Yuji Nakamura

4. A European Approach to Energy Security
Philip Andrews-Speed

5. An Asian Approach to Energy SecurityWidhyawan Prawiraatmadja

6. Global Energy Supply and Geopolitical Challenges
Frank Ubach

7. Energy Security and Nuclear Energy in Asia
Bob van der Zwaag

8. China’s Energy-related Issues—Implications for Regional and Inter-regional Cooperation
Li ZhiDong

9. Appendix: Summary and Policy Recommendations
Françoise Nicolas, François Godement, Taizo Yakushiji

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