Asia and Europe: The Necessity for Cooperation

Karl Kaiser, ed.
This book is the result of a collaborative project between JCIE and the Council for Asia-Europe Cooperation (CAEC). The book summarizes the work of several CAEC task forces and reviews the role of Asia-Europe cooperation in the contemporary world. Convinced that the most important rationale behind Asia-Europe cooperation is the shared interest in preventing a further deterioration of multilateralism and of international institutions, editor Karl Kaiser finds it crucial for the two regions to cooperate—in order to ensure that multilateral rules, regimes, and institutions remain the basis of the emerging world order. The book explores the specific roles of Asia and Europe in the 21st century and ways they can work together to avert crises, restore peace where necessary, and create a better structure of global governance.



1. The Necessity for Cooperation
Karl Kaiser

2. Global Governance as a Challenge to Cooperation
William Wallace and Young Soogil

3. Co-operation on Energy Security
François Godement, Françoise Nicolas, and Yakushiji Taizo

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ISBN 4-88907-072-9; 34 pages; paper