Globalization, Governance, and Civil Society

Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)

 The Global ThinkNet Tokyo Conference, held in February 1998, was the second in a series of Global ThinkNet conferences that were the centerpiece of the Global ThinkNet project, designed in part to give voice to and facilitate discussion on the findings of various research activities under the project. This report of the conference—which over two days addressed issues related to globalizations impact on governance as well as the growing role of civil society organizations in improving the governance of domestic societies and the international community—includes a summary of presentations and discussions; sixteen background papers and presentations by intellectual leaders from policy research institutions, foundations, academic institutions, and the spheres of politics and business; and keynote speeches by H.E. Anwar Ibrahim, deputy prime minister of Malaysia, and Koichi Kato, secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan.


1. Keynote Speeches
H. E. Anwar Ibrahim, Koichi Kato
2. Summary of Presentations and Discussions
3. Asian Values: Assets or Liability?
Han Sung-Joo, Director, Ilmin International Relations Institute, Korea University
4. Domestic Adjustments to Globalization 
Charles E. Morrison, Chair, U.S. Consortium of APEC Study Centers
5. Globalization and Domestic Governance 
Shen Mingming, Director, Research Center for Contemporary China, Peking University
6. Globalization and Governance in Japanese Society
Atsushi Shimokobe, Chairman, Tokio Marine Research Institute
7. Globalization’s Consequences and Challenges for Governance
Richard N. Haass, Director for Foreign Policy Studies, Brookings Institution
8. A Global Agenda for International Governance 
V. A. Pai Panandiker, Director, Centre for Policy Research
9. Globalization’s Challenge to Bad Governance 
Gebhard L. Schweigler, Senior Fellow, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik
10. Globalization and Governance of International Society 
Shinji Fukukawa, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Institute for Human Studies
11. The New Security Agenda 
Paul B. Stares, Senior Research Fellow, Japan Institute of International Affairs
12. The Economic Crisis in East Asia and the Nonprofit Sector 
Jung Ku-Hyun, Director, Seoul Forum for International Affairs
13. Rethinking the Public Interest in Japan 
Shin’ichi Yoshida, Columnist, Asahi Shimbun
14. Civil Society as the Cornerstone of a New Global Community 
Andrei V. Kortunov, President, Moscow Public Science Foundation
15. Civil Society and Domestic Governance 
Carolina G. Hernandez, President, Institute for Strategic and Development Studies
16. The Impact of Transnational Civil Society 
Ann M. Florini, Resident Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
17. History as a Bridge to a New Vision of International Society 
Akira Iriye, Professor of History, Harvard University
18. Globalization, Civil Society, and International Governance 
John W. Sewell, President, Overseas Development Council
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