Handbook on Japanese Industrial Structure

Japan Center for International Exchange; with introduction by Tadashi Yamamoto

This handbook of some 60 tables and graphs provides a general statistical picture of changes during the century to the 1970s in Japanese industrial structure, foreign trade, and national income and operation rates by industry, focusing particularly on labor force statistics. It offers basic socioeconomic data in order to help clarify how Japan should transform its industrial structure, as well as to facilitate policy discussion between Japan and the rest of the world.

This volume was published in conjunction with the International Study and Dialogue Project—Japan’s Role in the International Community: Superpower without Military Power. The Institute for Policy Analysis through Historical Perspective also collaborated in the preparation of this handbook.


  1. Labor Force and World Trade in Historical Perspective
  2. Industrial Structure in Terms of the Labor Force
  3. Industrial Structure and the Japanese Economy
  4. Trade Between Japan and Foreign Countries
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63 pages; paper