Health and Human Security: Moving from Concept to Action

Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE)
March 2002

The Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE), the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), and the  Japan Foundation Asia Center jointly sponsored a two-day conference of leading intellectuals in the region to consider how to move human security beyond discourse to concrete actions. The event was the fourth in a series of meetings known as An Intellectual Dialogue on Building Asia’s Tomorrow.
The meeting was centered on three case studies on primary health care for the underprivileged in East Asia, which served as a basis to explore how the concept of human security can serve as a framework for policy formulation and international, multi-sectoral partnership. The report contains an overview paper that details those studies, as well as a summary of the discussions and resulting recommendations. In addition, it contains presentations made by Dr. Surin Pitsuwan and Dr. Keizo Takemi.


Tadashi Yamamoto
The Way Forward: Human Security Beyond Discourse to Action
     Summary of Discussions and Recommendations from the Kisarazu Conference
Mely Caballero-Anthony
Overview of Health and Human Security Case Studies
Mely Caballero-Anthony
Presentation for Session I: Evolution of the Human Security Concept
Keizo Takemi
Presentation for Session II: Human Security as a Policy Framework for New Cooperation in Asia
Surin Pitsuwan
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