Economic Interactions and Interdependence in East Asia

Sueo Sekiguchi, et al.; preface by Yoshio Okawara; introduction by Tadashi Yamamoto

This volume brings together the findings of an independent research project conducted between 1991 and 1993 under the auspices of the Ushiba Memorial Foundation. Twelve experts from nine countries studied the changes in economic interaction within East Asia in the face of a volatile political climate.
Following an overview of political and economic situations in East Asian countries, an examination of economic relations in and around each country, region, and ASEAN, the volume discusses commodity trade, trade in technology, direct investment, financial flow, and migration of the labor force. Particular emphasis is placed on the future of the Indochinese economy, the future of the Korean peninsula, the Hong Kong and Taiwan issues, and the Russian Far East. Common concerns are also expressed regarding the implications of the North American Free Trade Agreement and an integrated European Community to East Asia and the prospects for the integration of East Asian mixed economies, i.e., reformed socialist systems and capitalist systems with government guidance. Includes 64 tables and seven figures, notes, references, and an index.


1. An Overview of East Asia
Sueo Sekiguchi, Director, Center for Asia-Pacific Studies; Professor of Economics, Seikei University, Tokyo
Makito Noda, Senior Program Officer, Japan Center for International Exchange
2. The Korean Peninsula and the Future of Northeast Asia
Won Bae Kim, Research Fellow, Population Institute, East-West Center, Hawaii
3. China’s Economic Reform and Prospects for Economic Interactions in East Asia
Zhaohong Luo, Deputy Director, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
4. Prospects for Economic Interactions in the Asian Pacific: The Case of Hong Kong
Frances Lai, Executive Director, Institute for Pacific Basin Affairs, Dominican College, San Rafael, California
5. Taiwan and the Prospects for Economic Interactions in East Asia
Ching-lung Tsay, Research Fellow and Chief, Population Studies, Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica, Taipei
6. Economic Cooperation and Integration in the Southern Part of China: Implications for Taiwan
Tzong-biau Lin, Professor of Economics, Chinese University of Hong Kong
7. Japan in East Asia
Makito Noda
Sueo Sekiguchi
8. ASEAN Economic Cooperation and External Relations
Siow Yue Chia, Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Statistics, National University of Singapore
9. ASEAN-Indochinese Relations: From Confrontation to Cooperation
Peng Lim Chee, Development Planning Division, Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
10. Vietnam and the East Asian Economy
Van Tho Tran, Professor of Economics, Obirin University, Tokyo
11. Russia in East Asia
Nikolai Y. Schevchenko, Senior Research Fellow, Moscow Institute of Oriental Studies
12. The United States and East Asia: The Taming of the Clinton Administration
Charles E. Morrison, Director, Program on International Economics and Politics, East-West Center, Hawaii; Senior Research Associate, Japan Center for International Exchange
13. Summary and Prospects of East Asia
Sueo Sekiguchi
Makito Noda
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448 pages; paper