Old Issues, New Responses

Nishihara Masashi, ed.
October 1998

Recognizing the need for Japan to clearly articulate its position on foreign policy and security issues in an international context, six Japanese scholars examine Japan’s foreign and security policy options for the 21st century and present new policy proposals. The authors address such topics as ways of improving Sino-Japanese political relations, the need to rectify Japan’s plutonium policy, the importance of making relief for the growing number of refugees around the world a priority of Japan’s official development assistance program, the need for a balance between economic sanctions and inducements vis-à-vis the closed regimes of China and North Korea, the necessity of flexible development and deployment of Japanese and US theater missile defense systems to restrain China, and the importance for the Japan-US alliance of coordinating the differences in the two countries’ policies toward Iran.
This publication was the result of a study on the “Japan’s Foreign and Security Policy Options,” which was carried out as part of the Global ThinkNet Fellows program.


1. Foreword
Yamamoto Tadashi, President, Japan Center for International Exchange
2. Introduction
Nishihara Masashi, Professor of International Relations, National Defense Academy
3. China and Japan: Improving Direct Communication
Asano Ryo, Associate Professor of International Relations, Himeji Dokkyo University
4. Japan’s Plutonium Policy and Nuclear Nonproliferation
Katahara Eiichi, Associate Professor of International Relations, Kobe Gakuin University
5. Needed: A New Japanese Humanitarian Aid Policy
Takeda Isami, Professor of International Relations, Dokkyo University
6. China and North Korea: Preventing Crises Contingent to Regime Transitions
Takeda Yasuhiro, Associate Professor of International Relations, National Defense Academy
7. Deploying Theater Missile Defense Flexibly: A US-Japan Response to China
Matsumura Masahiro, Associate Professor of International Relations, Momoyama Gakuin University
8. Globalization and Governance of International Society
Miyata Osamu, Associate Professor of International Relations, University of Shizuoka
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ISBN 488907-021-4; 200 pages; paper