International Philanthropy Project of the Japan Center for International Exchange

Tadashi Yamamoto, Hiroshi Peter Kamura, Hideko Katsumata

This volume contains a 50-page paper introducing JCIE’s efforts to promote the growth of philanthropy in Japan. The paper was originally presented to the Conference on International Philanthropy in the 1990s, May 28-30, 1991, sponsored by the Center for the Study of Philanthropy, The Graduate Center, City University of New York.
The paper details the history of JCIE’s scheme, begun in 1974, to assist Japanese nonprofit foundations in developing contacts and working relationships with their American and European counterparts. The focus was later expanded to exchange and joint projects involving Southeast Asia. To this end, JCIE sponsored or supported study missions abroad, research and survey projects, major international symposia in Tokyo, a seminar series in Japan, and publication of a newsletter on overseas philanthropy.


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50 pages; paper