Philanthropy in Japan

Japan Center for International Exchange

Private philanthropy has a short history in Japan, but it may be emerging as a new and significant social force. To better understand the status of philanthropic organizations in Japan, the Japan Center for International Exchange conducted a survey in 1975 as part of its International Exchange Project on Private Philanthropy. The resulting survey report was designed to encourage emerging Japanese foundations to develop contacts with their counterparts abroad and facilitate efforts of these foundations to develop clearer definitions of their basic philosophy and rationale and establish the mechanisms necessary to effectively achieve their goals.
This publication is a revised edition of the 1975 survey report, updated three years after the first report. It is a compilation of data on 51 organizations and provides basic background information on philanthropy and philanthropic organizations in Japan. Of particular use is the review of Japanese law as it relates to philanthropic organizations; profiles of organizations and their endowments, programs, and decision-making mechanisms; and the increasing international involvement of these organizations.
Descriptions of the 51 surveyed organizations listed in part 2 provide basic and useful information: address, purpose, organizational structure, activities and projects, and finances.



Part I. Philanthropy in Japan: A Summary Report of the Survey on Japanese Foundations
By Tadashi Yamamoto, Director, Japan Center for International Exchange
1. Preface
2. Survey Procedure
3. Profile of Philanthropic Organizations Surveyed
4. New Developments in Japanese Philanthropy
Problems and Prospects of Japanese Philanthropy: Some Personal Observations
Part II. Description of Major Grant-Making Foundations
1. Foundational Juridical Person, Zaidan Hojin
2. Charitable Trust, Koeki Shintaku
3. Special Corporation, Tokushu Hojin
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