Report of the Japan-United States Economic Relations Group

Japan-United States Economic Relations Group
January 1981

The Japan-United States Economic Relations Group was made up of eight private citizens whose task it was to make recommendations to Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira and President Jimmy Carter on factors affecting the economic relationship between their two countries. The members, while noting the overall healthy economic and political relationship between the two parties, found areas in which improvement was needed. The Japan Center for International Exchange was the Japanese secretariat for the Japan-United States Economic Relations Group.
The recommendations, made in January 1981, focused on the then-perceived problems, including inadequate consultative mechanisms between the two governments, mistaken or outdated perceptions of each country in the other country, inadequate American economic performance, lagging liberalization of market access in Japan, and failure by the governments and private sectors in both countries to face up to difficult problems.


  1. The United States-Japan Economic Relationship in a Global Context
  2. Basic Elements of the Economic Relationship
  3. American Productivity and the Management of the United States Economy
  4. Japan’s Market: Open or Closed?
  5. Industrial Trade Issues
  6. Agricultural Trade Issues
  7. Problems in U.S. Trade Law and the United States-Japan Economic Relationship
  8. Economic Disputes and Political Friction
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