Japan and the United States in Asia Pacific: The Challenges for Japan in Asia

Tadashi Yamamoto and Charles E. Morrison, eds.

The Japan-US relationship is undeniably one of the most important bilateral relationships in the post-cold war era, but it is a relationship that can no longer be appropriately defined by Japanese or Americans alone or bilaterally. Changes in the relationship directly affect other countries in the Asia Pacific region, and, conversely, events in other Asia Pacific countries affect the bilateral relationship.
The papers in this volume were prepared as background materials for the Shimoda ’94, the second in a series of three conferences dealing with Asia Pacific issues in the Japan-US relationship. The Shimoda ’94 looks at the region from the Japanese point of view, evaluating Japan’s foreign policy challenges in Asia Pacific today. The papers examine such issues as Japan’s often turbulent relationship with Korea, the US-China-Japan trilateral relationship, security in East Asia, and economic cooperation and conflict.


1. Shimoda ’94: An Agenda of Issues in Japan, US, Asia Pacific Relations
Tadashi Yamamoto, President, Japan Center for International Exchange
Charles E. Morrison, Director, Program on International Economics and Politics, East-West Center
2. Asianism in Japan’s Postwar Politics
Yoshibumi Wakamiya, Editorial Writer in charge of Political Issues, Asahi Shimbun
3. The Asia Pacific Regional Groupings and US-Japan Economic Relations
Kazuo Nukazawa, Managing Director, Keidanren (Japan Federation of Economic Organizations)
4. Japan’s Policy Toward North Korea: Developments in the Korean Peninsula, the United States, and Japan
Masao Okonogi, Professor of Political Science, Keio University
5. The Delicate Triangle in the Post-Cold War Era: Sino Japanese Relations and the United States
Ryosei Kokubun, Professor of International Relations, Keio University
6. Japan’s Asia Policy and the US-Japan Relationship
Koichi Kato, Liberal Democratic Party member of the House of Representatives
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