The Survey Reports on Regional Internationalization and US-Related Exchange Activities in Japan (Vol. I)


The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP), a nonprofit organization that supports US-related grass-roots exchange and regional ties, commissioned the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) to conduct surveys of locally based US-Japan exchange activities in the early 1990s, in both the United States and Japan. The first two volumes in the series looked at activities in the United States; this volume contains the survey findings from twenty-three of the forty-seven Japanese prefectures, as reported by appointed survey researchers—primarily local university professors—in each of the prefectures.

Each chapter in the volume summarizes the status as of late 1992 of sister city exchanges and youth exchanges in a specific prefecture, and analyzes the roles played by local international exchange associations, community exchange associations, educational institutions, and local governments. An appendix to each chapter lists all local organizations involved in international activities.

An initial chapter summarizes these results and notes current trends in such exchanges. The chapter notes that the traditional dominance of government in international relations is now waning, promising increased opportunities for grass-roots exchanges. But it warns that traditional sister city activities can become repetitive over time, leading to a loss of enthusiasm, so local authorities and citizens’ groups must seek out new approaches to international exchange.


1. Aomori
Kiyomi Nishimura, Professor, Aomori Public College
2. Chiba
Teruyuki Kume, Professor, Kanda University of International Studies
3. Ehime
Shoichi Yokoyama, Professor, Ehime University
4. Fukuoka
Kan’ichi Goto, Director, Research Division, Kyushu Bureau of International Trade and Industry, Ministry of International Trade and Industry
5. Gumma
Ichiro Watado, Lecturer, Meisei University
6. Hiroshima
Haruhiko Tanaka, Associate Professor, Okayama University
7. Hokkaido
Naokazu Sato, Advisor, Northern Regions Center
8. Ishikawa
Masahiro Kashima, Professor, Kanazawa University
9. Iwate
Ryuji Ishiwata, Professor, Iwate Medical University
10. Kagoshima
Akira Kadota, Professor, Kagoshima Prefectural College
11. Kochi
Shoichi Yokoyama, Professor, Ehime University
12. Kyoto
Takesato Watanabe, Professor, Doshisha University
13. Mie
Koji Wakamatsu, Professor, Mie University
14. Nagano
Yoshikiyo Minami, Professor, Shinshu University
Toshihiro Menju, Program Officer, Japan Center for International Exchange
15. Nara
Naosumi Atoda, Associate Professor, Nagoya City University Okayama
Haruhiko Tanaka, Associate Professor, Okayama University
16. Okinawa
Morisada Maeshiro, Associate Professor, University of the Ryukyus
17. Saga
Kan’ichi Goto
18. Shimane
Akiro Ozuka, Vice Chairman, the International Youth Exchange Organization of Shimane Prefecture
19. Shizuoka
Nao Oyama, Assistant Professor, University of Shizuoka
20. Tokyo
Ichiro Watanabe, Lecturer, Meisei University
21. Toyama
Makoto Nomura, Governor, Head Director, Research Section, Around Japan Sea Economic Exchange Conference in Hokuriku
22. Yamagata
Takehisa Iijima, Professor, Yamagata University
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