Trends of Policy Research in North America, Europe and Japan: 1985–1986

Japan Center for International Exchange; Introduction by Tadashi Yamamoto
Knowledge of policy research trends in other countries has become imperative with the growth of internationalization of Japan. Accordingly, in 1979, the Japan Center for International Exchange, under commission by the National Institute for Research Advancement, launched a project to catalogue and describe briefly the major research centers of North America, Western Europe, and Japan. This directory provides data on what kind of research is being conducted in foreign relations, security issues, population and food, environmental and urban issues, welfare, and a host of other global issues that concern us today.
Descriptions of each listed institution include information on address, objectives, activities and events, research projects, publications, and organizational structure. There are 83 institutions covered: 33 in North America, 31 in Europe, and 19 in Japan. This publication is in English, but provides some material in Japanese translation as well. Appendix: Japan Association of Independent Research Institutes Member List. Indexes: Institute Names in English and Original Languages, Institute Names in Japanese, Subject Index in English, Subject Index in Japanese.


1. Research Institutes in North America
(Canada, the United States)
2. Research Institutes in Europe
(The United Kingdom, France, West Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium)
3. Research Institutes in Japan
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