Trends of Policy Research in North America, Europe and Japan: 1987–1990

Japan Center for International Exchange; introduction by Tadashi Yamamoto

This English-Japanese report catalogues the major policy research institutes in North America, Europe, and Japan. To be included, each institute had to engage in policy research on politics, economics, and global issues such as energy and the environment; be recognized as a major institute in its home country and abroad; make its findings available to the public; and provide information on its activities to the Japan Center for International Exchange.
Each entry includes an institute’s name, address and contact numbers, objectives, major activities, events, periodicals, organizational structure, and funding, followed by project and report sections subdivided into politics, economics, and global issues. Each project is listed by title, person in charge, duration, funding, summary, and outcome. Report entries provide title, author, summary, and bibliographic data. Four indices are included at the back of the book: Index by Institute Names in English and Original Languages, the same in Japanese, Subject Index in English, and the same in Japanese.


1. Research Institutes in North America
(Canada, the United States)
2. Research Institutes in Europe
(The United Kingdom, Finland, France, West Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium)
3. Research Institutes in Japan
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