East Asia Insights

East Asia Insights is an occasional policy brief that was launched by JCIE in 2006 in order to share a Japanese perspective on critical issues and challenges facing the region. The briefs are authored by Hitoshi Tanaka, a senior fellow at JCIE and chairman of the Institute for International Strategy at the Japan Research Institute. He previously served as Japan’s deputy minister for foreign affairs. Opinions expressed in East Asia Insights are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position or views of JCIE.

A View from Asia: Re-energizing US Regional Engagement

November 2014

This issue focuses on the fundamental shift in balance of power in the Asian region, and without the right cooperation and management, tensions risk becoming entrenched; this is where it is important…

Forging a Common Regional Approach to China

July 2014

This issue discusses the importance of a coordinated response to the challenges that accompany China’s rapid and unprecedented economic growth.

Challenges for the US-Japan Alliance in a Changing Asia

April 2014

This issue focuses on President Obama’s upcoming visit, and hopes that it will lay the groundwork and demonstrates that the US-Japan alliance is going to increase efforts to address issues such as pol…

Japan’s Debate on Constitutional Reinterpretation: Paving the Way for Collective Self-Defense

February 2014

This issue analyzes the ongoing debate over an interpretation of the Japanese constitution; many experts believe that this re-interpretation can contribute to long-term stability and peace in the regi…

The Future of East Asia: Four Risks to Long-Term Stability

December 2013

This issue discusses four main risks in terms of long-term stability in East Asia: the regional policies of the United States and China, the nexus that has developed in the region between domestic pol…

China and Shared Regional Prosperity: Five Risk Factors

September 2013

This issue focuses on the finding the right approach to China, which may be the biggest task for Japan and other countries in Asia Pacific as there is no doubt about China importance to shared regiona…

Moving Beyond East Asia's Confrontational Postures

June 2013

This issue offers recommendations on how five key players: China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, and the US, can assist in moving East Asia beyond its current confrontational postures.

A Reset for East Asia: Managing Risks Under New Leadership

March 2013

This issue discusses the shifting balance of power in East Asia that may spoil the future stability and prosperity of both Japan and the entire region, which is especially difficult in the context of…

Myths of Decline: Why Japan Matters as China Rises

December 2012

This issue works to analyze the myth that as emerging powers such as China and India burst onto the scene, Japan will be left behind and slowly recede from the world stage.

Japan-ROK Relations: Defusing Tensions to Build a Regional Partnership

October 2012

This issue emphasizes the importance of Japan-South Korea cooperation, not only for the sake of the two countries themselves but also for the region as a whole; this would also require the leaders in…