A Vote for Trump is a Vote for China

Isaac Stone Fish
Apr 12, 2016
Foreign Policy

“Of the many satirical nicknames Donald Trump has been called in his quest for the presidency, the one that, ironically, may contain the most truth comes from the China Press, a Chinese-language newspaper based in the United States. A March 28 article refers to the Republican front-runner as ‘China’s secret agent in America.’ Why? Because Trump’s plans to protect U.S. interests actually benefit China more.

Trump has made China-bashing a fixture of his campaign: Railing about ‘currency manipulation’ and ‘stealing’ U.S. jobs are stump-speech fixtures. But regional experts say that because of Trump’s denigration of the U.S. relationship with Japan, his acceptance of Chinese human rights abuses, and his isolationism, a Trump presidency would strengthen both the ruling Chinese Communist Party and China’s place in the world.”

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Isaac Stone Fish is a 2015 US-Japan Journalism Fellow.