Japan's Olympic-Size Gamble on COVID-19

James Gannon
July 28, 2021
Think Global Health
“The world’s eyes are on the Tokyo Olympics and whether Japan can hold COVID-19 at bay in order to pull off the games. While a handful of high-profile athletes have tested positive and Tokyo’s—and Japan’s—caseload has surged to record levels, so far, the Japanese government is winning its bet that it can power through. But it still is not at the finish line.”

In this opinion piece published by Think Global Health, James Gannon, Senior Fellow at JCIE/USA, assesses Japan’s domestic COVID-19 response, including its innovative contact tracing program, largely self-imposed lockdowns, and development and administration of vaccines. The success of the Olympics and containment of COVID-19 in Japan, Gannon says, will play a large role in determining if Prime Minister Suga stays in office as two important elections approach in September.

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This opinion piece was written by James Gannon, Senior Fellow, JCIE/USA and was published in Think Global Health on July 28, 2021.