Japan as an “Immigrant Nation”: The Need for Frankness on Recent Policy Changes

Toshihiro Menju
September 21, 2023

“At a recent event…, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio told attendees that, ‘we must imagine a society in which we can live together with foreigners’ in light of Japan’s demographic decline. The prime minister should also explain to the Japanese people in a concrete and clear manner that coexistence with foreigners is essential for Japan’s future. With national elections expected soon, the time has come for the government to cast off any hesitation and confront immigration policy head-on.”

 JCIE/Japan’s Toshihiro Menju discusses Japan’s evolving immigration policy, notably the introduction of the Specified Skilled Worker visa program in 2019. He highlights Japan’s efforts to promote coexistence and attract foreign workers, emphasizing the need for clear communication amid demographic challenges.

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Toshihiro Menju is Managing Director & Chief Program Officer at JCIE/Japan, overseeing various programs that address Japan’s immigration policy and support cultural coexistence in Japanese communities.