President Trump? Among U.S. Allies, Japan May be One of the Most Anxious About That Idea

Julie Makinen
June 26, 2016
Los Angeles Times

“Is Japan gaga for Donald Trump? That was the impression created by a spellbinding YouTube video that went viral last week. Despite the video’s popularity, the reality is that perhaps no U.S. ally is as anxious and befuddled about the prospect of a President Trump as Japan. (. . .) Trump has taken a sledgehammer to the long-assumed pillars of the U.S.-Japan relationship; there is an ‘unspoken but unanimous consensus among serious Japanese people in business, bureaucracy and politics that Trump is a disaster,’ said Tsuyoshi Sunohara, a well-connected writer and secretary-general of the U.S.-Japan Project at the Japan Center for Economic Research. ‘Including Prime Minister Abe — though he’s never said it publicly, officially, he’s very much concerned.'”

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Julie Makinen is a 2016 US-Japan Journalism Fellow.