What’s Hot in Japan Right Now? Los Angeles, Circa 1976

Julie Makinen
July 19, 2016
Los Angeles Times

What’s hot on newsstands in Tokyo this month? Believe it or not, a 200-page Japanese magazine about life in Los Angeles — reprinted from 1976.

Twenty-seven pages are devoted to life at UCLA during the Gerald Ford administration, including a campus map and photos of dorm life and Ackerman Student Union (complete with state-of-the-art amenities like pinball machines and a “ride-sharing bulletin board”). The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar-led Lakers (who played at the Forum, where pretzels were 30 cents) are featured on five pages.

Flip to Page 53 and you’ll find an illustrated spread headlined “How to Jog” (complete with helpful tips like keep an upright posture, and use a heel-to-toe stride).”

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Julie Makinen is a 2015 US-Japan Journalism Fellow.