How Japan’s New PM Can Take a Lead in Improving Global Health

Kazuyo Kato
October 3, 2021
The Japan Times

“Kishida managed to make his case to Japanese voters as to why his plans to battle and arrest the COVID-19 pandemic at home, one of the top issues of concern, will be different from that of his predecessor. The new prime minister would serve the country well, however, by also ensuring that Japan plays a leadership role in the effective global response to COVID-19 and in building future pandemic preparedness for everyone.”

In this opinion piece, published in the Japan Times, JCIE/USA Executive Director Kazuyo Kato offers her thoughts on how Japan’s new Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida might make Japan a leader in Global Health. She  outlines how Japan can both advance public health outcomes at home and meet its foreign policy goals, by providing support to end the COVID-19 pandemic elsewhere in the world.

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This opinion piece was written by Kazuyo Kato, Executive Director, JCIE/USA and published in the Japan Times.