August 2021

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As summer 2021 peaks and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games draw to a close the timing seemed appropriate to take a pause to express my appreciation for your ongoing support and the encouragement that so many of you have provided me.

In my fourth month as JCIE/USA’s Executive Director, I could not be prouder of our history and more excited about building on our strengths. The range of our programs supporting our values for a safe, free and open, healthy, and sustainable world; our networks across diverse sectors and around the world; our dedicated staff; and our close partnership with JCIE/Japan are just some of those strengths.

Current regional and global trends call for an organization like ours with a comprehensive view of security to play an even more proactive role in advancing US-Japan dialogues and cooperation. The growing need to address nontraditional security issues including the global pandemic and cyber challenges, the backsliding of democracies, technology driving competition and creating new challenges for democracies in the digital space—all call for greater US and Japanese leadership to promote international cooperation. From global health to healthy aging, democratic governance in Asia, and women’s empowerment, I am excited to see our programs address issues that align with our efforts to promote US-Japan values-based leadership.

In the months ahead, JCIE/USA staff will continue to focus on creating platforms and processes to promote cross-sectoral collaboration, bringing substance and intellectual leadership to US-Japan dialogues, and engaging policymakers to achieve policy impact. With your support and advice, we aim to develop additional activities, as so much of our work intersects with many emerging issues such as the environment. We will also pay close attention to the roles that US cities and states play in driving international relations and engage them more on US-Japan relations. By engaging a wider spectrum of policymakers and future leaders in both nations to support US-Japan relations, we aim to build a network of individuals with a keen appreciation of the value of trans-Pacific collaboration to address common challenges.

Through my lifelong personal and professional experiences in both countries, I came to appreciate the benefits of the deep ties between the United States and Japan. I am thus honored and grateful for this opportunity to lead JCIE/USA as we work to further strengthen this relationship.

I look forward to exchanging ideas and receiving your suggestions and guidance on how we can be more impactful in advancing our shared mission. In the meantime, I wish you well throughout the coming months, and I thank you again for your support and encouragement.