China-Japan-US Research and Dialogue Project | Tokyo Conference

June 21–22, 1997

A second workshop of the China-Japan-US Research and Dialogue Project was held in Tokyo on June 21–22, 1997. The participants included young intellectual leaders from both China and Japan, as well as senior Chinese, Japanese, and US experts, many of whom were also present at the December 1996 workshop in Beijing. The discussions focused on the Chinese perspectives of the roles of China, the United States, and Japan in Asia Pacific, and were based on papers presented by the Chinese study group.



Fan Shiming

Lecturer, Institute of International Relations, Peking University

Lin Di

Secretary-General, China International Culture Exchange Center

Ni Feng

Associate Research Fellow, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Wang Jisi

Director, Institute of American Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Wang Shuo

Editor, International News Department, People’s Daily

Xin Xueqing

General Manager, Beijing United Investment Management Co.

Yang Jiemian

Senior Fellow, Director, Department of American Studies, Shanghai Institute for International Studies

Zhu Li

Researcher, China Reform Forum

Zhu Wenli

Lecturer, Department of International Politics, Peking University


Yoichi Funabashi

Washington Bureau Chief, Asahi Shimbun

Ryosei Kokubun

Professor of Political Science, Keio University

Lee Jong Won

Associate Professor, Rikkyo University

Hiroshi Nakanishi

Associate Professor, Kyoto University

Yuji Osaki

Associate Professor, Hokkaido University

Yukari Sawada

Lecturer, Kanagawa University

Takahiko Tennichi

Cultural News Department, Yomiuri Shimbun

Jun Wada

Chief Program Officer and Director for Planning and Development, Japan Center for International Exchange

Noriyuki Wakisaka

Editorial Writer, Asahi Shimbun

Koji Watanabe


Senior Fellow, Japan Center for International Exchange

Tadashi Yamamoto

President, Japan Center for International Exchange


Peter Geithner

Senior Consultant, Asia Center, Harvard University

David M. Lampton

President, National Committee on US-China Relations