Diet Women's Study Group | 7th Meeting

February 4, 2021

Yoko Takeda, Chief Economist and General Manager of the Research Center for Policy and Economy at Mitsubishi Research Institute, met with the Diet Women’s Study Group to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the international economic situation and what issues Japan should be thinking about in terms of the post-pandemic society. 

Takeda discussed the four trends that have become more evident during the pandemic: the US-China battle for hegemony, the undermining of democracy (caused in part by worsening inequities in the economic and other spheres), the renewed emphasis on the environment and the state of society, and the acceleration of digitalization. After discussing the recent economic trends, the potential impact of the new Biden administration, and other key issues, she looked ahead to two key areas for Japan’s “new normal” in the post-pandemic era: digital transformation (an area where Japan has lagged behind) and green innovation. The development of the appropriate human resources for these fields will be critical if Japan is to build a resilient and sustainable society moving forward.