2018 Journalism Seminar | Diversity in the Trump Era

June 29, 2018
Tokyo, Japan

In a June 29 public seminar, four fellows participating in JCIE’s 2018 US-Japan Journalism Fellowship reflected on how issues related to diversity are manifested in American politics and society today. 

Byron Tau (Wall Street Journal) spoke with the 35 attendees about how issues such as immigration are shaping congressional politics. Benjamin Soloway (Foreign Policy) discussed how diversity is reflect in American foreign policy. Ibby Caputo (independent journalist) described how social movements such as the #MeToo movement are playing out in Middle America. And Adrian Ma (Marketplace/Ideaspace) discussed how these issues are seen in Rust Belt areas such as Ohio, where he is based. 

Each of the journalists was in Japan from late June through mid-July 2018 as part of JCIE’s annual educational program for exemplary American journalists.