The US-Japan Philanthropy Initiative is a program that enables JCIE/USA to facilitate charitable giving from donors in one country to innovative organizations in the other that are working to improve society and/or strengthen international relations. This continues and formalizes JCIE’s long history of facilitating philanthropy and strengthening the nonprofit linkages between Japan and the United States. 

Through this initiative, JCIE/USA handles charitable donations from US-based individuals and corporations in the manner of a donor-advised fund, accepting recommendations from the donor about organizations that the donor prefers to support, then conducting due diligence to decide whether to make a grant to the suggested organization or others that advance the aims of the donation. It also works with philanthropic foundations to advise and support their giving.

For information on our latest collaboration, see the JWLI-JCIE/USA COVID-19 Joint Philanthropic Initiative.

The US-Japan Philanthropy Initiative supports organizations that are involved in tackling social challenges, meeting societal needs, and advancing international relations. JCIE/USA makes the utmost effort to respect the wishes of the original donor. However, by law, JCIE/USA retains exclusive authority, discretion, and legal control over the disposition of all donated funds.

It does not support religious organizations, political campaigns and lobbying activities, traditional arts and cultural programs, or individuals.

JCIE/USA charges a small portion of all donated funds to cover the costs of administering and monitoring grants. For more information, please contact us.