Global Governance Governance and Human Security Seminar

September 29, 2010
Lecture with Ambassador Yukio Takasu

On September 29, JCIE organized a lecture on “Global Governance and Human Security” with Ambassador Yukio Takasu, who most recently served as permanent representative of Japan to the UN (2007–2010). About 80 participants from domestic and international NGOs, academia, the media, and the public sector attended the lecture.

Ambassador Takasu spoke about the potential of human security as a guiding policy concept and the role of the UN in mainstreaming the human security framework throughout efforts to promote international cooperation and improve global governance. In addition, he discussed the state of multinational negotiations at the UN, especially the difficulties in achieving a shared acknowledgment of threats—such as the North Korean nuclear issue—among the member countries and in developing consensus on the definition and introduction of policy concepts such as human security in UN official documents. In order to better utilize the UN, Ambassador Takasu stressed the importance of reforming the UN Security Council. In conclusion, he suggested three strategies to further promote human security: first, apply human security not only to overseas aid policies but also to domestic issues such as health policy; second, create a global alliance of individuals and organizations to promote human security; and third, energize the nongovernmental sector, including nonprofit organizations and the corporate sector, to promote the global human security campaign.

Ambassador Takasu has served in Japan’s diplomatic service since 1969 and was an instrumental force in supporting the early development of the concept of human security within the UN framework. In early 1997, he assumed the position of Japan’s ambassador to the UN, and then, in 2000, he was posted in Tokyo as director-general for the Multilateral Cooperation Department. It was in this capacity that he assisted in hosting the G8 Okinawa Summit and was a key figure in promoting Japan’s initiative for human security and launching the Commission on Human Security. Since 2005, he has served as ambassador in charge of human security, science, and technology cooperation, as well as special envoy for UN reform. He is credited with creating the Friends of Human Security, an informal forum to promote human security approaches in UN activities.

Ambassador Takasu’s lecture was moderated by JCIE President Tadashi Yamamoto and featured comments by JCIE Senior Fellow Keizo Takemi.